Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Practically Free Artist Brush Containers

Fig.1 Metal case
By Gary Boutin

Tools and Supplies:
Professional brush carrying case
Empty Cocktail Tomato Plastic Container
Empty Huggies Baby Wipes 
Empty Tool pouch
Silicone pencil case
Wrench set carrier

There are many way to carry brushes and art supplies. Artist supply containers can be expensive but there a way to lessen the cost of these supplies.

This post shows the five steps to alternate solutions to use to carry and protect delicate artist's brushes from damage.  

Step 1: Fig.1 through fig.5 shows the professional metal brush case. This is a metal box with metal hinges that can carry long delicate brushes and has a metal spring on the top and bottom to keep the brushes in place. Fig.2 and fig.5 shows the top and bottom of the carrying case. Fig.1 shows the closed metal case and fig.4 shows the metal hinges.
Fig.2 Upside down
Fig.3 Can carry
long brushes
Fig.4 Metal hinges
Fig.5 Upwards

Step 2: Fig.6 through fig.9 shows that this clear plastic case is the inside of an ordinary cocktail tomato container. These container have a plastic locking device on the corners that keep the supplies from opening the container. Fig.8 and fig.9 shows how the brushes fit nicely in the container. Fig.8 shows the plastic container is filled with brushes and paint scrapers. During travel use a soft foam or linen to keep the brushes from rolling around the container. Be careful some plastic container have holes for the vegetation to breathe thus may leak during travel.
Fig.6 Tomato Container
Fig.7 Inside the case
Fig.8 Brushes in 
the container
Fig.9 Brushes 
ready to transport
Step 3: Fig.10 shows a Huggies Baby slim carrier. If you use the baby wipes travel pack this is the perfect case to carry brushes. Fig.11 shows the wipe containers with art brushes.

Fig.10 Baby wipes travel container
Fig.11 Wipes containers
Step 4: Fig.12 shows a silicone pencil case. This one was on sale for 25-cents.
Fig.12 Silicone case
Step 5: Fig.13 shows this is a combination box and wrench set carrier. Fig.14 shows the wrenches have been removed and carrier is loaded with brushes. Fig.15 shows what it look like when carrying it outside the studio. These are the alternate solutions to carry paint brushes or even keep them safe in your studio area.

Fig.13 Wrench Set Carrier
Fig.14 Carrier with brushes
Fig.15 Folded

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