Tuesday, November 1, 2016

How to Make Five More Packing Foam Stamps

By Gary Boutin
Fig.1 Flower stamp

Tools and Supplies:
Acrylic paint or poster paint
Black packing foam or Styrofoam™
Watercolor paper 140-pound

This post shows this is the most inexpensive foam stamps that can be assembled to make different patterns. All of these stamps have no handle and are large enough to be held by hand. 

This post shows five steps for five stamps that was made from black packing foam. 

Step 1: Fig.1 through fig.6 show the assembly and the stamp pattern on artist watercolor paper. The foam was curled in a circle and tied with twine. 
Fig.2 Packing foam
Fig.3 Foam cut
Fig.4 Flower pattern
Fig.5 Flower with paint
Fig.6 Flower pattern
Step 2: Fig.7 through fig.8 shows the Wavy stamp. Scissors was used to make this Wavy stamp. Fig.8 shows that too much paint on the stamp will have a messy wavy pattern.

Fig.7 Wavy pattern
Fig.8 Messy Wavy
Step 3: Fig.9 through fig.11 shows this three leaf flower stamp. Fig.9 shows that scissors were used to cut the three leaf flower stamp. Fig.10 shows the stamp in the paint and fig.11 shows the stamps patter on watercolor paper.

Fig.9 Three leaf
Flower stamp

Fig.10 Placed in paint
Fig.11 Stamping 
watercolor paper

Step 4: Fig.12 through fig.14 shows a rectangular stamp. Fig.12 shows that scissors was used to cut the packing foam into a black rectangle. Fig.13 shows the end of the rectangle was used to make a purple and blue marks. Fig.14 shows a blue rectangle on the paper.

Fig.12 Rectangle
Fig.13 Push on paper
Fig.14 Blue rectangle line
Step 5: Fig.15 through fig.17 shows the V-stamp. Fig.15 shows that scissors cut a V-shape on the tip of this rectangle. Fig.16 shows the stamp placed on the watercolor paper and fig.17 shows the yellow V-pattern on the watercolor paper. This is the end of the foam stamps made for free and it was fun to make. It was interesting to see if the V-stamp working on the watercolor paper. 
Fig.15 V-tipped
Fig.16 Press on paper

Fig.17 Yellow V-tipped patterns

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