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How to Assemble a Used Painting Easel - Part 2 of 3 - H-Frame Art Easel Assembly #1

This is a Used Light-Duty H-Frame Wood Art Easel
Fig.1 Wood
Easel base

By Gary Boutin

Tools and Supplies:
Bolts, nuts, and washers
Drywall screws
Metal Drill bit 1/2 (.5) inch
Pan Head Phillip 3/4 inch screws (8)
Ryobi 18 volt Cordless screwdriver
Studio Light-Duty H-Frame Wood Art Easel

This Light-Duty H-Frame Beechwood Art Easel was purchased at a garage sale and was not assembled. The same model can be purchased at Dickblick Art Store® for $267.30.

This post shows five steps on how to re-assemble the H-Frame Art Easel from the mast legs to assembling the frame to the base. There are two section of the H-Frame Art Assembly #1 and #2. 

Step 1: Fig.1 shows the painting easel base measures at 24 inch  × 27 inch. Fig.2 shows one of the brass screws that will need to be removed to add the mast leg. There is a brass screw on both sides of the base. Fig.3 shows a bit holder with a Phillip head placing the brass screw and mast leg into the frame base. Now do this for the right side. 
Fig.2 Right side
Fig.3 Left side
Step 2: Fig.4 shows the mast leg hinge plate for the easel mast. Fig.5 shows the plate is splintered and this is the location were the hinge plate must go. Fig.6 and fig.7 shows to add the tips of the toothpicks into the existing holes. This will give the pre-drilled hole more substance for the wood screw.
Fig.4 Mast hinge plate
Fig.5 Splintered area
Fig.6 Add toothpicks
Fig.7 Toothpicks
in 4-areas
Step 3: Fig.8 shows a claw hammer. Fig.9 and fig.10 shows using the hammer to stamp the wood toothpicks flat giving the area a good foundation for the new screws.
Fig.8 Claw hammer
Fig.9 Pound flat
Area ready
Step 4: Fig.11 and fig.12 shows both of the mast plates are hammered flat. Now this area is ready for the screws.
Fig.11 Hammer 
mast hinge flat
Fig.12 Ready for 
new screws
Step 5: Fig.13 shows the replacement metal screws are Pan Head Phillip 3/4 inch. Fig.14 shows the installing of these screws only on the outer edges of the mast hinge. The reason is that the wood mast leg was over the screws slots and the mast had to be removed from the mast hinge plate to be screwed into the wood base. It might have been easier to remove the mast hinge prior to installing the mast to the base. 
Fig.13 Pan Head
Phillip screw
Fig.14 Inserting 
Phillip screws
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