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How to Assemble a Used Painting Easel - Part 3 of 3 - H-Frame Art Easel Assembly #2

Fig.1 Bolt, washer 
and wing nut
By Gary Boutin

Tools and Supplies:
Bolts, nuts, and fender washers: 1/2 inch (.5) (1 set)
Metal Drill bit 1/2 (.5) inch
Pan Head Phillip 3/4 inch (.75) screws (8)
Ryobi 18 volt Cordless screwdriver
Studio Light-Duty H-Frame Wood Art Easel

This Light-Duty H-Frame Beechwood Art Easel was purchased at a garage sale and was not assembled. The same model can be purchased at Dickblick Art Store® for $267.30. 

This post shows how to re-assemble the bottom part of the frame and secure the mast legs to the H-Frame Art Easel. 

Step 1: Fig.1 through fig.4 show the removal of the wooden mast support from the mast hinge. Fig.1 shows the carriage bolt, a washer and a wing nut that hold the wooden mast leg to the metal hinge. Fig.2 and fig.3 shows that the wood base had to be pushed forward and backwards to be able to place the wood screw into the hinge screw slot. Fig.4 shows all 4-hinge screw slots have been filled with the new screws.
Fig.2 Move 
mast backwards
Fig.3 Move mast forwards
Fig.4 All 4 screws 
into hinge plate
Step 2: Fig.5 through fig.7 shows the installation of the mast carriage bolt. Not easy at all to place back into the wood slot and the metal slot to secure the bolt. Fig.5 shows a metal drill was placed into the wood mast and the middle hinge and the screw followed the metal drill bit into the metal hinge to secure both sides of the mast leg to the mast hinge plate. Fig.6 and fig.7 shows the bolt is placed and the washer and wing nut is secured.
Fig.5 Metal 
drill 1/2 inch
Fig.6 Carriage bolt
Fig.7 Wing nut secured
Step 3: Fig.8 shows the mast leg is secured to the mast body. This is one set of bolt, washer and nut that was provided with this easel. Fig.9 and fig.10 shows a metal bolt with fender washer on both sides with a nut to secure it until the correct set is found. 
Fig.8 Provided 
bolt secured
Outside secured
Inside secured
Step 4: After that was done the base of the easel was not square. Fig.11 shows the white arrow pointing to the reason is that the base middle support was wobbly. Using the Phillip screwdriver to tighten the six screws of the wood base to square it again. Fig.12 shows the H-Frame Art Easel assembled and ready to be put to work. This ends the H-Frame Art Easel Assembly but the next post will address the repairs of the easel.
Fig.11 Middle row loose
Ready to 
hold Canvas
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