Tuesday, November 1, 2016

How to Make a Leaf Styrofoam Stamp

Fig.1 Leaf on Styrofoam™
By Gary Boutin

Tools and Supplies:
Art paper
Acrylic paint
Packing Foam similar to Styrofoam™
Plant leaf

As the brushes post were being written I decided to try to use some packing foam (similar to Styrofoam™) to make some paint imprints that could be used on paper or canvas. This is a simple leaf foam pattern. This post shows how easy any vegetation pattern can be cut to fit your artistic needs. Another reason to use packing foam is it give the foam another useful life rather then living in a land dump. It can also serves has another potential tool in your artist studio and its free.

This post shows the three steps on how to assemble a black foam leaf pattern stamp. It also shows other artistic forms that can be used in stamp printing. 

Step 1: Fig.1 through fig.4 shows the assembly of the leaf stamp. Fig.1 shows to place a tree leaf on the packing foam and cut around the leaf. Fig.2 shows the black packing foam that was trimmed to be the stamp. Fig.3 shows the leaf and the branches. Fig.4 shows the completed stamp with a handle.
Fig.2 Foam packing
Fig.3 Branches and leaf
Fig.4 Tree stamp 
with handle
Step 2: Fig.5 through fig.7 shows what the leaf stamp looks like on paper. Fig.5 shows the stamp on the paper. Fig.6 shows to place your thumb on the stamp and fig.7 shows the paint on the stamp.

Fig.5 Place on canvas
Fig.6 Press with thumb
Fig.7 Notice paint on paper 
and brush stamp
Step 4: Fig.8 shows the stamp after washing. It has fallen apart but it is still usable. The stamp would have been better with a smaller handle. It was fun to make and a fun discovery of its effect on paper. It is not artist quality, but it can make a child smile and its is inexpensive to make and to use. That might be the best reason to use it.
Fig.8 After washing

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