Monday, July 10, 2017

How to Make a Round Canvas Frame

Fig.1 Wire 
Aviation Snips
By Gary Boutin

Tools and Supplies:
Aviation Metal Snips
Butt Splices 10 A.W.G. Clear
Canvas cloth
Chain Link Wire gauge #9
Heavy Needle (Curve is better)
Heavy waxed thread Metal wire
Paper clips (large)
Scissors (cloth)

In the past all my canvas rectangular frames were made of 2x4-wood with metal L-brackets. This project goal is to create a round canvas using fencing wire. A novel approach to artwork. If you shop for a round frames, or a round canvas there are none. You can purchase oval canvas and oval wood or plastic frames. This round frame and canvas could be used to highlight a special painting. 

This post shows the eleven steps on how to make a oval canvas. 

Step 1: Fig.1 shows the tool that will cut the fence wire. This wire was purchased from the Home Depot. Fig.2 shows chain link wire gauge #9 that will be the back bone for this canvas.

Fig.2 Chain Link 
Wire gauge #9
Step 2: #9 gauge wire 50 feet cost $10.98 before taxes. This canvas has a circumference of 12 inches (304.8 mm)
Fig.3 Canvas Frame
Step 3: Fig.4 and fig.5 shows the type of canvas needs to be chosen. Below this is heavy canvas purchased at a local linen store.
Fig.4 Heavy Canvas
Fig.5 Laying the Canvas
Step 4: Fig.6 shows the wire on the canvas. Choose the canvas diameter. Fig.7 shows its not that easy.
Fig.6 Wire on canvas
Fig.7 Pull enough wire
Step 5: Once the circumference has been measured, 37-inches (939.8 mm) cut the wire with aviation snips. It can be difficult to cut this wire, use a hacksaw if your cutter will not cut the chain link wire.
Fig.8 Cut the wire
Fig.9 Use Aviation Snips
Step 6: Fig.10 shows a #10 Butt splice used to pull the ends together.

Fig.10 Butt Splice
Step 7: Fig.11 shows the metal circle on the pre-cut canvas. Try to get the wire to be in a circle. It does spring back and the spring can be difficult. Fig.12 shows that paper clips were used to get the edges around the frame.
Fig.11 Wire on canvas
Fig.12 Paper Clips
Step 8: Fig.13 shows the use heavy waxed thread with a strong needle and thread around the circle. Not having done much sewing this was also a joy to do. Fig.14 shows a heavy needle. Fig.15 shows to thread around in a circle. The Gesso will tighten the canvas, this is just to keep it on the frame.
Fig.13 Heavy Waxed Thread
Fig.14 Heavy Needle
Fig.15 Thread the circle
Step 9: Fig.16 shows that the canvas is stretched tightly. Tighten the waxed thread. Fig.17 shows the canvas is ready to be painted. Not a complete circle but this is a first attempt.
Fig.16 Tighten the canvas
Step 10: Finished. Now its time to paint the dry canvas with Gesso paint and then the canvas is ready to be painted.

Fig.17 Finished
Step 11:  Tabulation; Wire cost: 1.50, linen canvas cost: $2. This frame was made for $2.50 and its round and unusual.

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