Wednesday, July 26, 2017

How to Make Homemade Plastic Art Combs - Part 5 of 7 - Ocean Waves and Clear Plastic Fingers

Fig.1 Opaque 
water jug
By Gary Boutin

Tools and Supplies:
Art paper
Aviation cutters
Plastic bottles (Including water bottles)
Plastic fruits containers
Utility knife (with sharp new blades)

Art Combs are used for kid's art and provides patterns for the artist paintings. Need that extra special texture or pattern, create your own art combs. This post shows how easy to make, use, and clean your own art combs. Each comb will be tested on watercolor paper to test its effectiveness.

This post shows five steps to make homemade inexpensive art combs from a clear or opaque water containers and clear plastic fruit jugs.

Step 1: Fig.1 shows an opaque water bottle, this will be used for the ocean waves comb. Fig.2 show the opaque plastic comb was cut in a ocean waves pattern. 
Fig.2 Opaque plastic 
ocean waves comb
Step 2: Fig.3 through fig.5 shows the juice bottle that will make one row fingers and two row finger combs,
Fig.3 Clear 
juice bottle
Fig.4 Fingers in one row
Fig.5 Double row fingers
 Step 3: Fig.8 shows the pattern the homemade comb created on the water color paper.
Fig.6 Paint added
Fig.7 Add paint and 
ocean waves image on paper
Fig.8 Ocean waves
Fig.9 Ocean waves comb 
washing was a breeze
 Step 4: Fig.9 shows that the comb could be cleaned in the sink if you wanted to reuse it.

Fig.10 Add paint for fingers
Fig.11 Add paint to 
one-row fingers comb ends
Fig.12 Scrape paper
Fig.13 Finger comb wash 
difficult to clean
Step 5: Resolution: The opaque ocean waves comb worked so well that I have added it to my art toolbox. The fingers combs was difficult to use, partially because if was to flimsy, the paint would not adhere to it and it was difficult to scrape the watercolor paper. The fingers both one row and two rows will not be added to my tool box.

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