Thursday, September 22, 2016

How to Make a Art Magazine Cardboard Holder - Part 1 of 3 - Cutting the Pattern

These are the large art magazine that need a box holder
Fig.1 Artist magazines
By Gary Boutin

Tools and Supply:
Adhesive Spray
Paper template
Permanent Marker (any color)  
USPS First Class Box (Used)

My library of Art Magazine are spilling over my bookcase. A simple magazine plastic holder can cost over $4 each at office supply stores. Looking at a used USPS Mail box gave me an idea to upcycle a used USPS Mail boxes. This would provide a safe place to hold my large magazine and at the same time help the environment. Anytime you use a container for another purpose than its original purpose, this is an upcycling. DIY Craft have been doing this all along and now its a new trend.

This post shows the seven steps to make a Art Magazine Cardboard Holder. 

Step 1: Fig.1 shows the art magazine that need to have a new home. Fig.2 shows an empty used USPS Mail box ready for the trash. Fig.3 shows the box on its side near the plastic holder to see if this project could work.
A USPS cardboard container would be the preferred storage for magazines
Fig.2 Used Mail Box
The USPS cardbox is placed on its side to see if it could hold magazines
Fig.3 Box side-by-side
Step 2:  Fig.4 shows the box on its and a plastic holder on each side. The idea is to trace the pattern of the existing plastic holder on the mail box sides. Fig.5 shows the trace from the plastic holder. Fig.6 shows that mistakes happen. To correct this problem retrace the pattern on the box.
Place the box and the plastic container on its side to trace its pattern
Fig.4 Trace plastic 
holder both sides
The line on the box is a traced pattern of the new magazine holder
Fig.5 Trace line
This picture shows a bad trace and a good trace of the magazine holder
Fig.6 Wiggle are 
the mistakes solid are 
the correct line pattern
Step 3: Fig.7 shows to use strong scissors to cut the traced line. Fig.8 shows the two side by side. The boxed cardboard container is ready for its magazines. Part 2 will address the idea of painting the box. Part 3 will show how to decorate the magazine box.
Use strong scissors to cut the pattern on the box
Fig.7 Cut outline
Place the plastic and cardbox container together
Fig.8 Cardboard double

How to Make a Art Magazine Cardboard Holder:

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