Tuesday, December 6, 2016

How to Protect Your Very Expensive Delicate Artist Brush Tips

Fig.1 Soap dispenser cap
By Gary Boutin

Tools and Supplies:
Artist brushes various sizes
Black rubber tubing
Clear plastic tubing
Coffee stirs
Milk shake straws
Plastic bendable straws
Pink plastic brush tubing

This post cover the inexpensive alternative choices to protecting art brush tips. Some brushes can be very expensive. I am proposing is that simple plastic cover that is added over the brush tip to protect the tip from bending, fraying and damages.

This post shows the seven steps of inexpensive alternative that accomplish to protect artist brush tips. 

Step 1: Fig.1 and fig.2 shows a soap container cap and tube. Fig.2 shows the clear tubing has been removed from the soap cap. Keep the clear plastic tube and discard the rest of the soap cap. The clear tube is rigid white plastic and can protect brush tips from bending.
Fig.2 Take it apart
Step 2: Fig.3 shows is a white opaque plastic refrigerator water line. The tubing can be straiten out to accommodate a brush tip and finial.

Fig.3 Clear water line
Step 3: Fig.4 shows black rubber water lines. Rubber tubing if kept short can work well to protect brush tips
Fig.4 Rubber water lines
Step 4: Fig.5 shows bendable plastic straws in its container. Do not use the bendable part of the straw. Fig.6 shows wrapped in white paper is milk shake straws obtained at fast food outlets. Notice the bendable straws at the bottom of the picture.

Fig.5 Straw container
Fig.6 Milk shake straws

Step 5: Fig.7 shows one large brush with no plastic tip. The two fine tipped artist brush both have two plastic straws. For large brush obtain large plastic tubing at any local warehouse store or hardware store. Clear tubing can be purchased by bulk or by the foot to meet your standards.
Fig.7 Close up of the brush tip covers

Step 6: Fig.8 shows a many different artist brush with their covers. The only real artist cover purchased at an art store are in the middle of this picture and they have long plastic clear covers. In the middle of the page there are blue plastic straws that comes from our local fast food restaurant. The rest of the brushes are drinking straws of various sizes.
Fig.8 Each brush with each brush protector
Step 7: Fig.9 below shows that all the brushes are safe from damage.
Fig.9 Job done
All brushes safe

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