Tuesday, October 25, 2016

How to Make a Pine Needle Brush - Part 2 of 2 - Does It Work?

By Gary Boutin

Tools and Supplies:
Art paper
Acrylic paint
Pine needle brush (Made earlier)

The first post showed how the Pine Needle Brush was assembled. This post will show how the pine needle worked on watercolor paper and if this is a brush that can land in your studio.

This post shows the five steps whether this pine brush is fit for an art studio.

Step 1: Fig.1 shows Strathmore Water Color Paper used in these examples and fig.2 shows the paper is ready to be used. Fig.3 shows Liquitex Basic Aquamarine will be used to highlight the each examples.
Fig.2 Blank paper
Fig.3 Liquitex Basics
Step 2: Fig.4 through fig.6 shows the paints used in these example: FolkArt Metallic Artist Quality Craft Red paint, Liquitex Artist Color Bright AQua Green and Ultra Gloss Acrylic Enamel 
Cadmium Yellow. These are the colors used in this example.
Fig.4 FolkArt 
Metallic Artist 
Quality Craft 
Red paint
Fig.5 Liquitex Bright 
AQua Green
Fig.6 Ultra Gloss 
Acrylic Enamel 
Cadmium Yellow
Step 3: Fig.7 shows the pine needle brush and fig.8 shows the pine brush on the top of the watercolor paper. The brush doesn't really paint what is does is sweep the paint across the paper. The brush has little control, and this brush could never do fine detail work, its like working with a broom.

Fig.7 Pine needle brush
Fig.8 First pass
Step 4: Fig.9 and fig.10 shows more passes from pine tree brush. This is not a worthy brush to add to a studio. It might work on a large canvas but not on little ones.

Fig.9 Second pass
Fig.10 Last pass

Step 5: Fig.11 and fig.12 shows the final reason why pine tree brushes are not used in the industry. They fall apart when washed in the sink. They fall apart when paint is added to the brush and the debris sheds all over the paper canvas. This job was a failure, but the adventure was worth it. Just because they are plenty of materials for a brush does not mean that it can be used artistically. The next set will be about How to Make a Bottle Brush. The difference is this post is that this brush is a live plant the other are not.
Fig.11 Uneven 
pine needles
Fig.12 Falling 
pine needles
How to Make a Pine Needle Brush:

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